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With Informer Messages on Hold, you get the most effective and professional sounding message that converts callers to clients. That's why Inc.100 Marketing Consultants use Informer Messages for their clients.

We're unique: we're the only ones who use the highly successful marketing equation, "interrupt, educate, engage, and offer" that results in SALES.

Accomplish more with our 8-step process that provides everything you need. Along the way we find the critical “hot buttons” that are most important to your prospects, and communicate how you can help in a way that is easy to understand and always retained. You can find out more about how it can work for you, by clicking on the link to receive your free guide.

We offer free hardware, completely custom messages, professionally recorded in our own digital studios, and free updates at no extra cost – all at about the price of the ‘generic’ messages most businesses use.

Informer Messages On Hold are the least expensive way to sound more professional, and sell more on every call.

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Phone numbers on websites

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6 Reasons to “Choose from a List” when ordering messages on hold

In the past two days I’ve been asked by several businesses if they could “choose from a list” of different pre-written messages to include in their marketing messages on hold. There are lots of reasons to just “choose from a list” when you’re developing marketing messages.  It’s faster.  It’s easier.  It’s faster.  Whoops, I said […]


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Bogen MMT : New recordings

Bogen MMT Hold Player Bogen MMT systems have all practically disappeared from use.  The Bogen MMT was, at one time, a standard for the industry.  We actually got a inquiry from a Bogen MMT user asking if we could still supply a new Informer Message on hold recorded on a cassette for his aging digital player.  “Of course we […]