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With Informer Messages on Hold, you get the most effective and professional sounding message that converts callers to clients. That's why Inc.100 Marketing Consultants use Informer Messages for their clients.

We're unique: we're the only ones who use the highly successful marketing equation, "interrupt, educate, engage, and offer" that results in SALES.

Accomplish more with our 8-step process that provides everything you need. Along the way we find the critical “hot buttons” that are most important to your prospects, and communicate how you can help in a way that is easy to understand and always retained. You can find out more about how it can work for you, by clicking on the link to receive your free guide.

We offer free hardware, completely custom messages, professionally recorded in our own digital studios, and free updates at no extra cost – all at about the price of the ‘generic’ messages most businesses use.

Informer Messages On Hold are the least expensive way to sound more professional, and sell more on every call.

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Dental On Hold Messages: how they help

Professional on hold messages for growing dental practices. Dental On Hold Messages give you a new way help your Connecticut practice grow, simply by educating your telephone callers about your services, and how you can help them best. Just think about your busy office: there are just times that your staff gets too busy, and […]

Connecticut Dental Association

I was lucky enough to attend the recent Connecticut Dental Association 2016 Charter Oak Dental Meeting at Mohegan Sun Conference Center (Uncasville, CT) last week.  The venue was spectacular.  The Connecticut Dental Association members were more devoted to attending seminars (on new regulations, specialized advances in their fields, and growing their practices) than at any […]

Phone On Hold Message Secret

Looking for tips on a great Phone On Hold message?  Phone on hold messages are simple, but not easy.  What do I mean by that?  In about 5 minutes you can understand everything you really need to know. Phone on hold messages are simple Your phone on hold message is simple: you want to sound […]

Lost sales don’t have to happen

How many lost sales happen… …because your customer didn’t know more about what you do? You don’t do just one thing.  But have you ever heard of the 80/20 rule?  If you think about your customers, you’ll probably realize that 80% of your customers only know about 20% of your products and services.  When customers don’t […]